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Inspired by Scandinavian nature and design,
FitWood fitness equipment brings harmony
to your home and body.

Nordic Wood – Naturally the Best for Health

Throughout history, wood has been a vital natural material for Scandinavians. It is durable and versatile – as well as a beautiful material for interior decoration. With the best feel and grip, great looks, no harmful chemicals from plastics and inherent sustainability, wood is naturally the best choice for maintaining your health. The harsh winters make Nordic wood even sturdier, meaning it has unmatched rigidity and strength.


Proudly and lovingly crafted in Finland

We founded FitWood because we were never satisfied with the equipment available, we wanted something sturdier and more beautiful. Every FitWood product is carefully designed and assembled in Finland with the abundance of high quality and renewable wood from the northern forests.

Interested in Scandinavian health and lifestyle? See which piece of our equipment is best for you.