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TROLLVEGGEN chin bar / pull-up bar – white wood, steel bar – Hanna Maari Latvala training with the Trollveggen chin bar | FitWood of ScandinaviaTROLLVEGGEN chin bar / pull-up bar – white wood, stainless steel bar – sprinter Hanna Maari Latvala doing pull ups | FitWood of Scandinavia
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The TROLLVEGGEN chin bar fits beautifully into any home and is always ready for use. Now you can work out with an elegant, stylish and durable Scandinavian style pull-up bar complete with a sturdy, tactile grip and feel.

Choose your favourite wooden frame from the menu and join us for a workout inspired by Scandinavia!

159 €

On first sight and touch it becomes obvious that the design and inspiration of the TROLLVEGGEN is Scandinavian. The body is constructed from thick birchwood and reinforced by a stainless steel bar: a perfect balance of simplicity and strength.

You can find more training instructions for the TROLLVEGGEN chin bar from the links below or on our website. Train with us:

Training Instructions: TROLLVEGGEN Chin Bar – Assisted chin ups, push ups and dips

Training Instructions: TROLLVEGGEN Chin Bar – Abs and back stretches

The plywood frame contains an adjustable slot for the bar, making it suitable for most wall thicknesses. The carved neutral-grip handles have a diameter of 32 mm. You have the choice between plain birch wood, black paint, or white paint.

The stainless steel bar is 100 cm long with a diameter of 28 mm. The structure fits door frames with a thickness of 9cm to 18cm. The ends of the bar are covered with natural rubber pads to protect the door frame and cushion the contact area.

– width 101 cm (with sleeves)
– height 26.5 cm
– depth 43 cm
– Fits from 60 cm to 93 cm door width. Compatible for 7M, 8M, 9M and 10M door frames

Safety instructions:
— Maximum user weight is 130 kg
— Use only in a door frame similar to the one in the instruction manual
— Do not twist or jump onto the bar, because this may cause it to move from its place

FitWood Trollveggen chin bar installation manual (download here)

FitWood Trollveggen chin bar installation requirements (download here).

The TROLLVEGGEN chin bar is designed and manufactured in the Nordic country of Finland.

Join us and start doing chin-ups with a stylish designer chin bar that fits your interior decor!

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 100 x 43 x 4 cm
Wood surface

Black paint, White paint, Wood surface

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General review5.0
User Experience5.0
Good quality - well-made and effective

Very pleased with this product. Arrived promptly, was easy to assemble and works well. No hesitation in recommending.

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0
Training basic

I am absolutely happy to have made this reasonable investment. The only regret I have: I should have made it much earlier!

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0
Works well

I\\\'ve been using it heavily every day for a chin-up competition, it works well! Came as promised. Easy to assemble. Includes tools.

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience4.0

Works well and looks like in the pictures.

I recommend!

General review5.0
User Experience5.0

Our door frames do not lock the products because they are not foursquares. I will screw something abowe the frame to keep it in place. Versatile product. If you could do dips, it would be perfect.

I recommend!

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